Ofcom PSB Review Phase 2: preparing for the digital future - Interactive Executive Summary

About this Site

Ofcom is the UK's communications regulator, and one of our jobs is to review the provision of Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) in the UK at least once every five years.

Such reviews have to:

  • Review how well existing public service broadcasters (the likes of BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and five) are performing in their public service role.
  • Recommend what policies the Government should adopt in order to maintain and strengthen the quality of PSB in the future.

We did our first PSB review back in 2004-5, first publishing our review, followed by our recommendations.

The second review of Public Service Broadcasting started in September 2007 (see terms of reference) and on 10th April 2008 we published the first phase of our analysis. We received a large number of responses to that consultation and have since conducted more research and analysis. On 25th September 2008 we published the second phase of the review, which is also for consultation.

We want as many people as possible to engage with the issues surrounding the future of Public Service Broadcasting in the UK. Hence this experimental trial, which is an interactive version of the Executive Summary of the second phase of Ofcom's Second Review of Public Service Broadcasting.

If you wish to download the full PSB Review Phase 2 consultation document, and/or respond formally to the consultation (closing date 4 December 2008) then visit the Ofcom PSB Review website.

We will read all comments to this experimental site before they are published, so there may be a delay before your comment appears on the blog. If we don't feel we can publish your comment because they break one of the House Rules we'll email you back and explain why.

We ask that your comments are relevant to issues and opportunities raised in the PSB Review Phase 2 Consultation Document. Please read this blog's House Rules and the terms and conditions before commenting.

About this Site

On this experimental site we encourage you to leave informal comments alongside the Executive Summary of Ofcom's Second Public Service Broadcasting Review - Phase Two: preparing for the digital future, published on 25 September 2008.

Alternatively, you can download the full consultation document, and/or respond formally to the consultation (closing date 4 December 2008). You can also follow the debate on the PSB Review blog.