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There are compelling arguments and strong audience support for alternative public service provision to complement the BBC. However, some respondents argued we had overstated the importance of this. To investigate, we reviewed new viewing data showing that competition in public service provision enhances rather than reduces impact, opening up genres to audiences who tend not to watch similar content on the BBC. We also carried out further research which suggests that audiences would be willing to pay to ensure provision of public service content outside the BBC.


Trevor Lockwood on 28 November 2008 at 8:38am

It could be argued that the average peasant in this country is among the most subjugated of citizens. We have forgotten how to protest, because dissent has been ignored. Those in power have gone ahead, knowing that they are acting against the wishes of the majority (ask folk about Iraq).
We no longer know what we want, or at least we are not going to tell you because yopu never take any notice.
The question is not that alternatives should complement the BBC, it is that they should be encouraged to replace the BBC for they are the future for this country.

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