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Views about the need for new intervention to sustain provision beyond the BBC were more varied. Some respondents argued that the market would meet most future needs, while others suggested that existing indirect funding for the commercial public service broadcasters (PSBs) would support a greater level of ongoing provision than we forecast.


Trevor Lockwood on 28 November 2008 at 8:33am

Given the current economic morass it's difficult to accept that the 'market will provide'. We've had at least two decades when that has been proved not to be the case. That's not to argue for central control, but to allow a new sense of democracy. We are now (broadly speaking) relatively well-educated. We can make decisions, and we can also make programmes. We have the brains and the technology, and as YouTube and others demonstrate, we have an audience.
It's for the nation state to recognise that the monolith now needs to be pushed aside, let the new weeds push through, feed them, encourage their growth.
Let the community decide.

Martin Curry on 1 December 2008 at 9:01pm

S4C is subisdised by the BBC through the provision of News, enterainment and sports programming provided at no cost by the BBC.

As a publically owned PSB, funded by advertising, I see no objection to the BBC providing Channel 4's news programming at no cost to Channel 4, providing that Channel 3 and Channel 5 continue to provide news from two different news orgainisations.

Douglas Millar on 2 December 2008 at 7:42am

It is already clear that the level of PSB is declining and many genres of programmes are now rarely shown on ITV. I feel we need a debate on the level of PSB audience are looking for and once that is determined work up a funding mechanism to support it.

In Scotland because of the seperate legal, educational and political structures more investment is needed in news and current affairs programmes. There is a danger that as STV (and even more so Border ITV) will simply not cover stories adequetly. To have the BBC as the only source of local news would be wrong.

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