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New opportunities are opening up for market and community provision of local video content, as a consequence of the growth of broadband and the framework put in place by Ofcom for access to spectrum. The evidence suggests audiences value this type of content, but are concerned it should be of high quality. Funding models for local video content in the UK remain unproven; in addition to market provision, new competitive funding models could help to meet local needs if required.


Trevor Lockwood on 28 November 2008 at 9:28am

There has been no cause for responding to any of the proposed models, they are all seriously flawed. In this paragraph we have the seeds of real change. As we move towards a digital age there will be bandwidth, broadband and mobile phone opportunities to create a truly national public service network, that is, at the same time, truly local.
Here is sleepy Suffolk we have a plan for Suffolk TV, producing local programmes. Even in decayed Felixstowe we have Felixstowe TV, run by two young men, one disabled, who keep us informed, while gaining experience themselves. Imagine that expanding to a national network, with coalitions formed, with a myriad range of funding streams and partnerships, a mix of commercial and community interests. Each station able to draw upon the national resource bank of programmes, and stations working together to produce the occasional blockbuster.
The volunteers running very small commercial stations or community stations - and here in Felixstowe we have examples of both, we're not the best by any means, but our hearts are in the right place and we all care, we really care, about the people with live amongst in this place.
None of us want to be multi-millionaires or to exercise power, we just want to enjoy life, to walk down the street with a smile on our faces knowing we are making those around us a litte better informed, more interested in their local world, more content with their lives.

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