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The evolution model was favoured by those who believed Channel 3 licensees retained an important role, especially in the devolved nations. The BBC/Channel 4 model was supported by many respondents and viewers, who welcomed Channel 4’s ambition to play an enhanced role. Audiences and stakeholders valued the flexibility of the competitive funding model, but expressed concern about possible bureaucracy.

Three models for the post-switchover world


Martin Curry on 1 December 2008 at 9:09pm

There does appear to be a case for seperate channel 3 licences for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with different PSB requirements from an English Channel 3.

It is possible that the devolved administrations for the three areas could subsidise some of the PSB funding deficit.

For England, ITV1 appears to have become a homogenised service with little regional variation, and because of transmitter constraints, regions that do not see themselves as naturally part of one another.

Douglas Millar on 2 December 2008 at 7:54am

ITV has played an important role in PSB for many years it would be madness to change that role now. ITV does, however, need to recognise its regional base - something which it seems to be keen to ditch. It's interesting that STV in Scotland can get higher audiences for regional programmes than programmws in the equivalent time slot on the ITV network.

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