Ofcom Mobile Sector Assessment Interactive Executive Summary

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In digital media, the potential exists for new commercial provision of content which meets public service purposes, especially online. However, our assessment shows online business models remain highly uncertain, especially for content already under pressure on commercial television. Moreover, it is unlikely that such content will have the reach and impact of television for some time to come. The BBC and Channel 4 may have roles to play in future in introducing audiences to a wider range of public service content from other providers.


Trevor Lockwood on 28 November 2008 at 8:53am

This is recognising that commerce can't hack it - and it is right to say so. The future of our nation rests, to an extent, in the hands of our broadcasters. Those handling the cash right now have the wrong perspectives, work to the wrong agenda, if we are recognising that our nation needs to be inspired, motivated, encouraged and supported to move into a digital age where we - as a nation - can stand proud, and not, as now appears, to sink slowly into second-world status.

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