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But this will not be enough to sustain the current level of provision by ITV1 and Channel 4 across a range of genres. The value of the ITV1 licences will fall below the cost of their current obligations before 2012, with the result that ITV plc may have incentives to surrender those licences. After 2012 the obligations linked to the licences will need to be very limited if no replacement funding is available. By 2012, we estimate that Channel 4 will need additional funding in the order of £60-100 million to sustain investment in public service content, excluding the cost of its ambitious Next on 4 proposals.


Douglas Millar on 2 December 2008 at 7:48am

It is not clear whether ALL ITV licences fall into this category. Presumably the smaller licences Border, Westcountry will have a larger funding gap than the bigger ones.

When ITV was established it was always recognised that some licences were more valuable than others hence the mechanism which was introduced to regulate programme and transmission costs across the network. Just because ITV is consolidating this subsidy should not impact on licences not in the ITV fold e.g. Ulster & STV.

stephen simcott on 11 December 2008 at 7:59pm

If broadcasters such as itv and channel 4 are finding it financially tough then they need to cut back , remove some of the unneeded +1, film four and other similar services. if they can not make it on there own then they should be allowed to go bust, with there air space then put up for auction.

BBC Worldwide money should be left in place to support the BBC services.

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