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 At the same time, the mobile sector is an increasingly integral part of a broader communications market. The distinction between fixed and mobile networks, previously clear, is starting to blur. In an international marketplace, events here are affected by events elsewhere – both within Europe and, increasingly, in developing economies with whom we are interdependent.


A Hayes on 1 September 2008 at 2:07pm

The move of mobile comms into more advanced mobile data comms is welcome in my view. There is a really chance to make this the 'killer app' of the mobile market. Handsets like the iPhone, LG Viewty and the Blackberry show consumers what they could expect. However, providers still charge for data services at a level that will prevent take-up from all but the more affluent consumer.

My 13-year old son recently looked at Three but was talked into an Orange contract in a well-known multi-vendor High St store. Three was cheaper and included a big fat bundle of texts (his preferred medium). It also gave free MSN Messenger and other online goodies. The Orange contract (we were incorrectly told) offered off peak internet access. In fact this costs him an additional £5pm.

Providers would capture a significantly important segment of its audience if it learned the lesson from SMS and bundled data time into contracts rather than having them as an expensive bolt-on. Waiting for the market to catch-up may mean the market dries up - like it did with the failed promises made for WAP.

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