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Competition relies on new challenges for its vitality. While the UK enjoys a higher level of competition than is evident in other markets in Europe, the mobile sector is particularly challenging for new entrants – the barriers to entry are high. There are obstacles in terms of spectrum, technical standards and infrastructure that remain formidable in the eyes of many prospective entrants (large and small). Removing or minimising those barriers (for example, by releasing spectrum) wherever we can will remain an important objective for Ofcom.


Syd Thomson on 30 August 2008 at 11:22am

There are too many players in the mobile market already

A Hayes on 1 September 2008 at 1:59pm

A higher level of competition and still we have seemingly expensive tariffs and poorer services.
Why is the market in Japan so much more "vibrant" (as described in an industry report in 2004) than in the UK - there's only about 3 providers and one of those takes 50% of the market. Is it actually about insufficient competition?

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