Ofcom Mobile Sector Assessment Interactive Executive Summary

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 Our goal is for the mobile sector is to ensure that the sector contributes fully to the UK economy and society at large. In practice, this means that individual and business consumers have a range of choices offered by competing providers and that choosing (and switching) between providers is easy, quick and safe from scams. For citizens, it means widespread availability of those services needed to participate meaningfully in society, and clear and practical responses by regulators to the changing demands of digital citizenship, in areas like privacy, identity and content. For industry, it means being able to compete and innovate in the context of a clear regulatory framework supported by effective enforcement to protect consumers, where appropriate.


Malcolm on 1 September 2008 at 10:25am

Please introduce an equivalent of the fixed line services' telephone/fax preference service to stop unwanted unsolicited direct marketing via text and mobile calls.

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