Delivering super-fast broadband in the UK - Interactive Executive Summary

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We have set out a number of proposals in this document for how regulation can set the right environment for investment. We will:   

  • provide flexibility in trialling and piloting of next generation access  networks and support new ways to deliver investment, for example though the use of sewers;
  • provide clarity and consistency on the pricing mechanisms that may be most appropriate for next generation access in the near term, as well as outlining approaches to estimate what a risk reflective rate of return may be;
  • work with industry to develop a fit-for-purpose product set, including passive and active remedies, depending on demand. We strongly favour a policy of supporting a range of investment models to promote competition in next generation access;
  • work with industry bodies to ensure that all next generation access remedies can be bought and managed as easily as possible, with suitable purchasing, provisioning and migration processes;
  • promote standardised technical requirements for wholesale active line access products, working with communications providers, standards bodies such as the Broadband Forum and other European regulators. We are publishing a draft of these requirements alongside this document;
  • consult on specific proposals for a wholesale duct access product, subject to the outputs of our initial duct survey and receiving clear declarations of interest to this consultation in duct access from communications providers
  • support transition to new networks when this issue arises, while at the same time preserving competition;
  • encourage constructive debate between players at different stages in the value chain in order to ensure, wherever possible, the timely rolling out of new and innovative services; and
  • build on the guidance on best-practice intervention that we have already set out in order to encourage effective public sector intervention in rural locations where the market seems less likely to invest.


John Kirkwood on 23 September 2008 at 6:01pm

I would add two more points:

Ensure transparency and honesty from all service providers, including BT

Ensure that the data of all individuals is rigorously protected through the use of informed OPT-IN policies ONLY.

John K on 23 September 2008 at 6:11pm


I can't see anywhere you mention the proposed speed of the super fast bropadband.

Would this be an "up to 8Mbit" connection running faster than the 0.1 to 2Mbit it commonly achieves, or had you something else in mind?

Please define "super fast".

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